El Movimiento was created out of a desire to move and be moved in body, culture and politics.

This project began as a series of in-person workshops in 2018 organized and offered by movers and creators in Oaxaca, Mexico. Initial workshops were documented in a book. The workshops that took place in 2020 during quarantine were documented on film to be shared in early 2021. Currently, in-person gatherings around migratory movement are being organized for 2021 and 2022. More information can be found on the Projects page.

El Movimiento” because social, political and cultural movement are questions of the body and its freest movement. Free movement is always protest in an unfree state.

I am grateful and humbled to be surrounded by such inspiring artists, makers and beings in Oaxaca. I hope for this project to honor and respect the place they create. Please take a look at the list below of former and current collaborators and where to find their work.

Allie Gardner, Project Organizer

Photo credit: Lizette Flores. Black and white photo of workshop facilitators blindfolded and holding hands to present Wanda’s exercise featured in the El Movimiento book.
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