ESTRENO “El Movimiento: una película colaborativa sobre el ser cuerpo”

Photo credit: Iván Hernández

Large screen and audience seating at La Capital Centro de Artes before El Movimiento film screening.

Guests and participants around the table during the first night of the program “The Body that Crosses: Stories and Possibilities of Migration.”

Participants and members of the public in the Plaza de la Danza in Oaxaca.

“Seguimos Vives” Workshop with El Movimiento Team.

Photo credit: Saúl Santos Ruiz, Ximena Monroy and Carolina Jaschack

El Movimiento workshop facilitators moving in Espacio Morillo in Oaxaca.

Participants on screen during virtual workshop.

Fer on screen voguing during virtual workshop.

Majo’s shadow in a hammock during virtual workshop.

Six images of participants’ video responses to movement exercises to realize from home.

El Movimiento Book Presentation.

Photo Credit: Lizette Flores

Audience during book presentation at La Señora.

Participants at Casa del Angel for workshop “Como Barro” (Like Clay) with Alicia Jiménez and Allie Gardner.

“Nudos” workshop with Jennifer Rose and Johanna Castillo.

Photo Credit: Gladys Zárate Cruz and Johanna Castillo

Participants at Espacio Morillo moving through the studio surrounded by tied pieces of fabric.

Workshop with Sophia Isidore at POCOAPOCO.

Photo credit: Patricia Garcia-Gomez & Lizette Flores

Fruit and vegetables in various bowls and glassware on top of wooden table and cutting boards with a few knives surrounded by a black backdrop.

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