El Movimiento: El Libro

This book is filled with movement exercises and brief biographies of the workshop facilitators who led them throughout 2019.. It is a love letter to the body, the women who led us in practices to connect to it, and the place where the workshops took place. The presentation of the book was hosted by La Señora which is also where the physical copy of the book can be found. A digital copy can be found here. Thank you to all who participated.

All photos were taken by Lizette Flores and members of the public.

Photo of facilitators greeting audience members by offering them movement exercises before they take their seats.
Photo of facilitators offering exercises to audience members as they arrive. Jen embraces someone arriving, Eve write on a post-it on the wall, Marisol pulls a string between her and someone near the door, and Alicia greets Daniel.
Photo of Alicia greeting someone arriving with an exercise in the doorway.
Photo of audience members looking towards the main wall where the book was projected.
Photo of facilitators walking backwards in a straight line together, enacting exercise from Evelyn’s workshop.
Photo of facilitators moving on the floor around Alicia who lifts her hands, holding clay, over her head.
Photo of facilitators rising as Alicia raises arms and hands over head. A page of the book featuring an image of Alicia and Allie in black and white is projected on the wall behind them.
Photo of facilitators enacting Alicia and Allie’s exercise featured on the page projected on the back wall.
Photo of facilitators enacting Jen’s exercise, catching one another one at a time as they fall to the floor. Behind them is the projection of a page of the book featuring an image from Jen’s workshop.
Photo of facilitators’ feet, legs, hips and bellies as they move across the floor during Jen’s exercise.
Photo of facilitators in partners forming each other’s bodies into stances of statues.
Photo of audience members seated on the floor as they watch facilitators and the projected book pages.
Photo of Bety enacting the exercise from her workshop as facilitators interpret her words in movement against the wall where an image from Bety and Rocio’s workshop is projected.
Photo of Bety in front with other facilitators moving against the wall behind her where an image from Bety and Rocio’s workshop is projected.
Photo of facilitators moving in Maria Ospina clothes in front of images from workshop with Maria Ospina.
Photo of facilitators dressing themselves in Maria Ospina clothing.
Photo of facilitators blindfolded, holding hands, walking across the stage in front of an image from Wanda’s workshop where participants were blindfolded.
Photo of facilitators moving around the gallery and intervening in the audience while holding hands and blindfolded.
Photo of facilitators blindfolded standing in a line and holding hands while Wanda stands off to the side to guide them.
Photo of the audience as they watch the performance and book projection.
Photo of facilitators intervening in the audience by wrapping them with pieces of knotted material.
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