Photo Credit: Saúl Santos Ruiz. Black and white photo of five workshop facilitators taking space on the street of an alleyway in Jalatlaco.


Encuentro: Historias y Posibilidades de Migración

Oaxaca is one of the states with the highest emigration rates in Mexico and is also one of the states most visited by foreign tourists. We convene this intimate, multidisciplinary and multicultural gathering to understand and reflect on current migratory movement between Oaxaca and the United States and to propose a more dignified and free vision of this movement. Find further details and apply here.


At the start of 2020, we proposed a multi-site series of workshops in various regions of Oaxaca to take place in person. Months later we were in quarantine and decided that workshops connecting us to our body and to one another were ever more relevant. In this 25 minute movie, we share material from four distinct workshops that took place in virtual space, in peoples homes, on the street and in the body. Showing soon. To meet the team, click here.


The El Movimiento book is filled with movement exercises and brief biographies of the workshop facilitators who led them throughout 2019. It is a love letter to the body, the women who led us in practices to connect to it, and the place on where the workshops took place. The physical copy can be found at La Señora and the digital copy can be found here.


Contact for details.

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