Seguimos Vives

This workshop was the final of four workshops that took place during quarantine in June 2020. It was an exploration of the living, moving body in public space in the sociopolitical context on the global pandemic. This workshop along with the others will be featured on film coming out in early 2021.

Photos below from Saúl Ruiz Santos, Ximena Monroy and Carolina Jaschack.

Natalia Torres Pérez, Iohan Figueroa, Angel Ruiz, Carolina Jaschack, Allie Gardner, Frida María in Espacio Morillo.
Frida María, Iohan Figueroa, Angel Ruiz, Natalia Pérez Torres and Allie Gardner.
Frida María, Iohan Figueroa.
Frida María.
Iohan Figueroa, Frida María, Angel Ruiz, Allie Gardner, Natalia Torres Pérez.
Natalia Torres Pérez.
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