Gracias por su apoyo

Below is a list of projects to support. To donate or support in other ways, please contact us directly at elmovimientooax@gmail.com.

El Cuerpo que Cruza: Historias y Posibilidades de Migración (encuentro)

(The Body that Crosses: Stories and Possibilities of Migration)

This 5-day program focuses on sharing stories and proposing possibilities for a more just and dignified vision of migratory movement. The program will raise funds to support local individuals and organizations that provide direct support, programming, art and action. To support a part of this program, we are renting this home (or its individual apartments) in Oaxaca City Center from July 18th – 24th, 2021. Contact elmovimientooax@gmail.com or @_elmovimiento for details. Program details can be found here.



This fund will be used to organize movement-based workshops offered at no cost or by donation to local participants and offer fair compensation for workshop facilitators. We seek to raise $1000 and will publish a list of the workshops given each year.

Apoyo General

(General Support)

If you’d like to support our work more broadly, please consider our general support fund, which will be used to pay collaborators, cover material and space costs, and other important support.

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