“The Body that Crosses” Team

Allie Gardner, Program Organizer

Allie Gardner was born and raised in Wisconsin in the US and now lives in Oaxaca. In the US, she became an organizer. In Oaxaca, a dancer. In both places, she understands herself through her body, its impulses and its movement. She is interested in how we listen to our bodies, tell their stories, and understand their social, political and cultural realities for ourselves and the people we care about so that we can act collectively and lovingly. 

Migration is movement. Allie has organized with immigrants in the US and created with migrants in Oaxaca. She sees herself as a migrant, holding the gifts and challenges that migration brings to her personally alongside her privilege as a white “american” which allows her to migrate safely and with ease. She initiated this program because of relationships that provoked a desire to gather together to share stories and possibilities for migration.

Fabiola Santiago, Program Consultant

Fabiola Santiago migrated with her mother and older brother to the United States when she was about five years old. When the mezcal industry in Santiago Matatlan crashed in the mid 1980’s, her father and many of the men from the pueblo set out to look for better economic conditions. The plan was to come back to the motherland as soon as financially possible. A few years turned into decades. In 2008 and 2010, Fabiola’s mother and father were deported, respectively. In 2019, she finally became a US citizen. Now she spends time in both California and Oaxaca with her young child. She is a consultant, continues to work towards social equity, and provides Oaxacan food, mezcal and culture education through her project, Mi Oaxaca. The project aims to center the wisdom that Indigenous (Zapotec) Oaxacan people have practiced for thousands of years to preserve a healthy and reciprocal relationship between people and land. Fabiola holds a masters degree in public health from University of California, Los Angeles. 

Fernanda Ricaud, Program Consultant

Fernanda Ricaud is an art curator and producer. Originally from CDMX, she began her career as a gastronomic researcher and art director in an editorial content production studio for gastronomic projects where she participated in the creation of digital and printed publications. In 2016, she was part of the Jóvenes Talento program of the Mexcian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which led her to take the position of Program Director at the Mexican Cultural Institute New York. She participated in the cultural diplomatic agenda of the Consulate General curating exhibitions and programs aimed at promoting and supporting Mexican artists, allowing for her come in close contact with the mexican immigrant community in the region and better understand the realities, challenges and efforts to keep their culture alive. She has collaborated closely with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum, ICP, and The New Museum. She is co-director of @lasenoraoaxaca an art gallery and platform in Oaxaca City.

CAMINOS, Program Coordinating Team

CAMINOS, CENTER FOR ACCOMPANYING OAXACAN MIGRANTS. “We are a civil society organization committed to guiding and supporting migrants and their families. We work in accompanying, search, orientation as well as the analysis and research of the migration phenomenon. 

To do so we implement processes to locate migrants, defend the rights of migrant day laborers and vulnerable groups. We are a small team of passionate Oaxacan women. We like to work with people. We have different thoughts and we share the same goal: to help migrants and their families. We have knowledge of the effects of migration as well as experience in group dynamics. We are driven by our desire to collaborate, our creative ideas and having a clear objective. We want to establish ourselves and build a place of support for migrants and their families.

Caminos is solidarity, thought and action. We transform our ideas into social practices to improve our surroundings.”

HÁBITAT OAXACA, Program Coordinating Team

HABITAT OAXACA is a space for creation, production and promotion of cultural and artistic activities in Oaxaca City. Since 2019 bringing forth a culturally diverse agenda with training programs, workshops, performances, artist residencies and gatherings for community participation and integration via the arts in San Luis Beltrán, Oaxaca, México.
Our work is a form of resisting, proposing solutions, inhabiting a territory, a space and life in community and in collective. Art should be effective to build community, safeguard the social fabric and give visibility to other populations. 
Co-directors: Natalia Torres, Ángel Ruiz

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